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You can call us for high-quality bathroom renovation services if you'd like a complete makeover. We all provide project and construction assistance to improve your bathroom to be functional and beautiful. Bathroom Remodel Charleston's experienced contractors and artisans give each project a sense of worth, professionalism, and satisfaction.

Since we are approved South California contractors, you feel at ease that the work will be of standard quality, completed on time, and under budget. One of our specializations is a typical concrete backsplash that is both beautifully designed.

Our Charleston team offers a wide range of remodeling and restoration choices to assist you in making your bathroom stand out. Our team starts by listening to your wants and desires, then designing a remodeling strategy for it.

Our Charleston goal is to exceed your expectations, whether it's sticking to a deadline, meeting a deadline for a special event, or achieving great design. Whether it's a small project or a complete bathroom remodel, you can rest assured that the result will enhance the appearance and value of your home.

Stylish and Efficient Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling a bathroom is a difficult job because there are so many things to keep in mind. Bathroom Remodel Charleston takes the stress out of this project with open contact and a step-by-step approach. Since we supervise the work, your bathroom remodels will be completed in a timely and orderly manner.

Along with its wide remodeling standards and excellent flooring, Charleston is an excellent option for bathroom renovations. Our skilled workers pay careful attention to the tiniest specifics, handling your homes with care.

We can manage jobs as simple as installing a new vanity and sink to as complex as completely renovating a bathroom to create a space that evokes an elegant look. When we remodel bathrooms, we would like to add personality to them and make them attractive and breathtaking. Bathroom remodeling Charleston can be done for various purposes, like practicality or to make the bathroom look very much like a spa. Cabinet and feature upgrades will give a bathroom makeover while also improving its profit potential.

If you just require new fixtures, walls, tubs, or showerheads, we'll have the finest at a reasonable price. The highlight of a bathroom will be our custom-designed concrete backsplash. We also offer a design that is important to ensure that most of the functionality you have is also appealing and functional.

Get The Most Of Your Bathroom

Having a modern-style bathroom isn't something you had to do daily. This isn't just a simple shower stop. In these modern days, the bathroom has been so much more. It's a place where you can relax and enjoy after a busy week at the office. Our Charleston bathroom designers and contractors will transform your bathroom into such a haven in which you can relax in a spa-like setting with all of the amenities you need. Remodeling professionals will recommend ideas for your small bathroom renovation, such as:

Lift the counter just above the toilet. The additional counter storage can be incredibly handy as the mirror counter extends into the matching toilets. The use of large-scale patterns is recommended. Wide squares, narrower lines, and other large designs can overwhelm the eyes and create more room.

At the doorway, a towel bar must be placed. If the room is limited, add a towel railing to the shower door or the rear of the front doors to keep towels beyond reach. A trough sink is the best choice. If a trench drain is mounted, it has a low profile, which allows for more floor storage. We are using a vanity with shelves that are easily accessible. Without the use of rotating doors that can be uncomfortable in a small bathroom, open shelves provide additional storage. Make use of a wall-mounted showerhead. Installing a faucet more on the wall in a small bathroom allows for a larger vanity, freeing up space. Make use of a drain in the corner. In small bathrooms, a sink built to fit in a corner may be an excellent space-saving option. And pedestal sinks can be difficult to fit into small bathrooms.

Use a shower cover or a flexible shower door. Shower doors that swing open will not be able to fit into small bathrooms. Instead, use a transparent glass door or a track-mounted shower curtain. It's a smart idea to have a vanity with rounded corners. In small spaces, sharp-cornered vanity mirrors can be risky. Using a vanity with rounded corners will help prevent hip bruises.

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